With this ebook, I’m fast forwarding your growth knowledge. Learn what works and what doesn’t without the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

I’ve spent my career marketing great products including SaaS, ecommerce, marketplace products in the US and internationally. My work has brought in millions in revenue.

Learn everything I know with the Growth Handbook.


A powerful framework for prioritizing your growth work

Get away from trendy growth hacks and learn growth from a strategic level.

An understanding of marketing from first principles

Stop relying on others' tactics and learn how to think for yourself with marketing products.

Why copywriting is like writing code

Learn the parallels between optimizing code and optimizing your marketing site's copy.


Why customers don't buy from you and why they do

Understand the psychology behind why customers choose and choose not to buy your product.

Growth across the full life cycle of a SaaS product

Growth is more than just acquiring customers. Improve product retention and get referrals.

Not just what you should do, but why you should do it

Know the reasoning behind why one growth method works and another doesn't.

You've poured hours of your best work into your product and have made sacrifices to get it done. Build your growth engine and start getting the sales your product deserves.


I'm Jonathan Bishop and I've spent my career marketing great products across SaaS, Ecommerce, and Marketplace business models, in the US and Southeast Asia.

My work has brought almost $20 million in revenue and the companies I've worked for, including Periscope Data and Heap, have raised over $100m collectively.

I started Growth for Makers to teach people making great products everything I know about Growth and Marketing.